Les Illuminées: Agnès Debizet

16 June - 2 July 2022

Following the “Evolution Chimérique” exhibition in October 2020, the Galerie Gastou is delighted to unveil the second chapter in the discovery of the fantastical world of the artist Agnès Debizet: Les Illuminées. In this show, an unprecedented collection of sculptural lighting is unveiled, displaying an enchanting play between light and shadow.


Through this solo-show, visitors are invited to plunge into Agnès Debizet's spectacular, dream-like universe through a selection of captivating lamps of varying shapes and sizes. 


In this network of alveoli, knotwork and other forms specific to her burgeoning imagination, these strange light designs offer us a dramatic and fascinating interpretation of the dynamic between solid objects and space. 


Shirking the notion of a retrospective, the exhibition can be seen rather as a passage between two worlds, that of inanimate objects by day and their transformation at night into living organisms capable of surprising us with their unexpected behaviour.


“What drives me to create lamps is the idea of the night light, the glow in the dark, a lighthouse, a haven, a flame that moves, life hidden in the depths of shadows,” - Agnès Debizet


On view from June 16th to July 2nd, 2022.

Installation Views