Agnès Debizet

Agnès Debizet

Learning to Work with Clay

Born in Marseille, Agnès Debizet began her artistic career with no formal training. She first learned to work stoneware and ceramic in the 1980s by taking night classes in a small workshop in Paris with Albert Minot. Since then, guided by her love for modeling and shaping clay, she has developed a distinctive and decidedly singular style, experimenting throughout the years in her workshop in Saint-Maurice-aux-Riches-Hommes.  


These works can be easily recognized by the recurring loops of the "Entrelacs (Knotwork)" series and pervasive pores of the "Morilles (Morels)", most often coated with her signature porcelain engobe.  


Between Decorative Arts and Sculpture

Since she began creating, Debizet's surrealist artworks have been exhibited in marvelous places such as castles, abbeys and the famous forest of Compiègne. Turning toward the decorative arts in the early 2010s, her first major solo-show exhibition, "Évolution Chimérique'' was presented at the Galerie Yves Gastou in 2020. Through this show, visitors were invited to plunge into Debizet's spectacular, dream-like universe through the discovery of a collection in creation for over 20 years. 


The Chimerical World of Agnès Debizet

As with the phenomenal sculptural ensemble "Évolution'', a work comprised of 58 individual sculptures created over more than a decade, Agnès Debizet's artistic journey is as extraordinary and unexpected as her unquestionably unique universe. From her hands, an enchanted world comes to life, populated by fantastic creatures, zoomorphic trees and organic forms.

Debizet's work is constantly shifting and evolving, blurring the lines between sculpture and furniture. This creation turned toward ceramic lighting with the 2022 exhibition "Les Illuminées" in which was unveiled a collection of over 20 lamps created specially for the show.