Monique Rozanes: Métabolisme de l'Espace

3 June - 13 July 2021
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The prolific creation of Monique Rozanes has not slowed with age; in the 2020s, she is still creating despite being well into her 80s. The exhibition "Métabolisme de l'Espace" in 2021 is a major restrospective of the artist's work, showcasing sculptural works spanning several decades of her career. 
From totemic works measuring over two meters tall to kaleidoscopic cubes that change at every angle, Rozanes' work is undeniably singluar in the realm of resin-based scupture. 

In 2002, she creates the Torres Agüero / Rozanes foundation with the goal of organising communal exhibitions, some in the United States, and to defend the work of young artists.

Installation Views