Emmanuel Jonckers


From a young age, Belgian creator Emmanuel Jonckers, has lived in the world of Artist Furniture. Both of his parents were art furniture designers, and their works were mostly made of engraved metal. 

As a child, Jonckers' father would take him to his atelier where he spent his days helping with the work and experimenting on his own projects. He would also go to his mother’s atelier where she drew details for the engravings with great care, and he would take his pencils and drawing sheets and join her in the meditative universe of drawing and creating. 


A jack-of-all-trades with a penchant for working with a variety of materials, Jonckers studied engraving and welding, as well as glass, resin, and wood working. 

In the early 2000s, Jonckers opened his own atelier and studio where he been creates and develops new projects. Fascinated by the beauty of rocks and noble materials, he aims at enhancing them while respecting the original material. He creates sober, sensual and timeless objects whose presence fascinates in and of themselves, all the while being delicately subtle, natural and an easy fit in any number of interiors.


"I am not trying to create the spectacular, I don't believe it would stand the test of time. The way I see it, the spectacular is already there in the universe; you just need to take the time to behold it."

- Emmanuel Jonckers