Harumi Klossowska de Rola


From her childhood in the Medici Villa to the Rossinière chalet, nested between the forests and mountains of Switzerland, Harumi Klossowska de Rola grew up in an extraordinary artistic universe.

It is through these ageless places, with their poetic atmospheres brimming with fantastic artistic creations, that Harumi discerned the mysterious power of true masterpieces: timelessness.


These sculptures, beyond the limits of time, seem to us strangely familiar, like so many of the treasures arising from our collective subconscious, conferring a character of absolute universality to these mystical animals.

Their apparent immobility is only an illusion: at any moment, Ame-no-Kaku, the monumental stag, appears to take up his sovereign march once more through the ancient forest. Harumi transforms and transcends the stiff bronze, breathing into it the spark of life.

Each of her magnificent creatures emits a unique sensibility, evoking without fail a singular emotion in its viewers.


Through the exhibition ‘‘Yakushima, the Mystic Island’’, Harumi invites us to discover an esoteric art, between dream and reality, at the crossroads of Egyptian, Japanese and Etruscan statuary. She captures the subtle beauty, danger, aura and mystery of wild animals, delicately diffusing a sensation of rare power.

The strength of her work, intense and subtle, has destined her to join the ranks of the great masters of art and sculpture.